Transcend Community Management Partners with 

Valued Transcend Community Management Vendor,

By receiving this invitation, you have been exclusively invited to join the platform that Transcend Community Management Community Managers will use when contracting vendors going forward. 

All vendors who currently work with Transcend Community Management and all managed Associations must be vetted by VendorSmart℠. 

Going forward, Community Managers will be instructed to only work with vendors who have gone through the compliance verification process.

VendorSmart℠ at a Glance

VendorSmart℠ is a web-based platform that connects vendors and Community Managers in one place. With VendorSmart℠, growing the business you do with the HOA and Condo industry has never been easier.

 As a vendor, you'll gain access to hundreds of Community Managers and thousands of associations that are searching for service providers every day.

Project Bidding and Requests for Proposals (RFPs)

Our easy-to-use RFP tool means you'll never miss an opportunity to bid on a new project again. VendorSmart℠ instantly notifies you when a new project in your service category and area are available.
You can place your bid directly on VendorSmart℠ and interact with Community Manager involved.

VendorSmart℠ Online Directory

Each day, hundreds of Community Managers search the VendorSmart℠ directory to find qualified vendors.
Showcase your company's services in the directory with a detailed company description, brochures, photos of previous work and reviews from other Community Managers.

Compliance Document Management

The VendorSmart℠ Support team manage your compliance documents (Certificate of Liability Insurance, Workers' Comp, Business Licensing, etc.) on-going and ensure you never lose eligibility to work with any association on our platform.
The compliance documents are visible to all associations on VendorSmart℠, which means you only submit them once during signup.

Implementation and Support

The VendorSmart℠ Support team are industry professionals that are available via phone, email, chat and screen-share.
They can assist with any aspect of the platform including signup, compliance document standards and submitting bids on projects.

We Encourage you to Register Now and Avoid Missing any Upcoming Jobs

If you have any questions, please email support at
or call 954-329-1406, Monday-Friday 9AM-8PM EST